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7 March 2023

25 years of membership

On behalf of the trade association KVGO, Dick Naafs came to congratulate me personally on my 25 years of membership.
23 February 2023

The barcode as we know it is going to disappear

The use of barcodes on products offers several advantages for the manufacturer, seller and consumer. The 2D barcode will replace...
V-label new logo's
2 February 2023

New logo’s for vegetarian and vegan

At the start of 2023 V-label announced that the vegetarian and vegan logo will be adapted. Both labels have gotten...
26 October 2022

Improve your visibility online

Packaging tells the story of your brand and product. Via packaging you communicate your brand vision and manage consumer expectations...
18 July 2022


The Dutch government has followed up on the earlier Product Composition Improvement Agreement. Since 2022, the new National Approach to...
18 July 2022

New rules for bread

NEW LEGAL RULES AS OF 1 JULY 2022 For the Dutch consumer, it must become clearer what kind of bread...
17 May 2022

Shortage of raw materials requires rapid adjustment of packaging

Shortage of raw materials and significant price increases The food industry is struggling with scarcity and high prices of raw materials...
7 January 2022

Deposits for tin cans as from 31 december 2022

In Nederland worden per jaar 2 miljard blikjes verkocht. Hiervan belanden er zo’n 150 miljoen in het milieu. Vanwege de...
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