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Consistency is key


Even though we say it ourselves, our studio is specialised in the four areas of expertise needed for the packaging process. To start with, we produce your packaging’s design by Creation. Of course, you might want more packaging. Based on the design file – including design files sent to us – we ensure that the final Artwork is consistent throughout the entire range. Then, to increase your brand’s recognisability online, we make Packshots and Hero Images of your products. And as a full-service packaging partner, we apply our knowledge of printing techniques to Lithography to guarantee a perfectly executed design, consequently ensuring consistency – including the colours – on the store shelf.

Your entire range is recognisable.

Creation and making an artwork

Apart from producing new designs for packaging, we can refresh existing designs with new fragrances, colours, sizes and flavours without losing sight of the consistency. In our line of work, this is known as ‘making an artwork’ and we do it for two reasons. On the one hand, we can transform a packaging design by giving it a new shape, format, or grammage, for instance. On the other, it helps with line extension solutions: enlarging a range but marketing the product or newly added flavour in the same, distinctive style.

The proof is in the package

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The proof is in the package

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Studio Flexo Printing Forms

The proof is in the package

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Total care from design to packshot


The proof is in the package

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Studio Mockups

From design to print


Your idea executed exactly as the packaging you imagined: that is the essence of lithography. That entails some predictability too, because the artwork needs to be converted into a file that is both printable and ready for printing. In more technical terms, lithography means preparing the design in such a way that it is both optimally suitable for, and adjusted to, the printing technique. For instance, which combination of colour layers do you need to get the exact result you want? That is what it means to do our job, our craft. And you, in turn, can use that to your advantage.

Stand out in your digital shop window too

Packshots & Hero images

People choose a specific product in a split second. So, as well as making sure your packaging really shines in the supermarket, nowadays it is at least as important that your products pop on-screen too. But, of course, we don’t need to tell you that. What we would like to say, however, is that we’ll create those pixel-perfect packshots and professional Hero images for you. That guarantees the brand consistency both offline and online, optimising the consumer experience of your products. It’s indispensable for campaigns, apps, including apps for supermarkets, websites, and for creating brand preference and brand loyalty.

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Workflow management

As we have ample knowledge and experience of the world of both printers, brands and retail consultancy, we can support and guide our clients with workflow management.


Do you have a good idea, or do you want to pitch a new product? Impress them with a mockup! It’s the sure-fire way to make a fantastic first impression at a product introduction, for a commercial or for a consumer survey. Never waste the chance of a great first impression.

Flexo Printing Forms

With printing and layout firmly embedded in our DNA, we have been providing printers full-service solutions for lithography and bespoke flexo plates and sleeves production for almost 100 years.

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