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Our printer’s DNA

Flexo printing forms

Here at Volkers, we want to stay ahead of the game, so we’re always on the lookout for pioneering packaging, digital brand consistency and online tools. Nonetheless, the core of our company has never lost its printer’s DNA; that’s why today we can still offer printers full-service solutions with our specialist production of top-quality printing forms. Brand owners benefit from our expertise as well as printers. After all, because we understand both ‘worlds’, and we can connect them seamlessly, we can add value and contribute knowledge to the entire packaging process.

High speed and quality

A proactive partner for printers

In addition to the fact that printers benefit in terms of quality from our many years of experience of producing flexo printing forms, it is extremely easy to order a set of plates or sleeves. You can place your order, according to your preference, via our portal (with a login code), by email and via XML links. Our lithographers, who are focused on solutions, provide top-quality flexo products (including proofs) on a flexible basis, with short production and delivery times.

The proof is in the package

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Towards sustainable packaging

Studio Flexo Printing Forms

Your packaging, our expertise

A flexo partner for brands

As we have specific knowledge of printing techniques, we can guide brand owners through the packaging process from beginning to end. Basing our work on lithography and the production of flexo printing forms, we can make sure the digital design acquires its physical form through the printing press. And because every design is unique, every printing form is bespoke. This is how we assume the responsibility for the quality of the finished product as your partner and central contact. In other words, we feel the pressure, not you.

Let’s get to know each other

Knowledge is for sharing

Depending on your preferences for quality, the type of packaging and the print-technological specifications, we advise and supply sleeves or digitally illuminated polymer printing plates. Would you like to know all the ins & outs of the production of image carriers and other technical matters used in printing? Just get in touch with us. As your chain partner, we’d love to get to know you and share our knowledge with you.

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Our studio is full of designers with a flair for style and graphic technicians with an eye for detail. Together, they make sure your packaging is both creative and accurate when it arrives at the printer’s and then on the shelf.

Workflow management

As we have ample knowledge and experience of the world of both printers, brands and retail consultancy, we can support and guide our clients with workflow management.


Do you have a good idea, or do you want to pitch a new product? Impress them with a mockup! It’s the sure-fire way to make a fantastic first impression at a product introduction, for a commercial or for a consumer survey. Never waste the chance of a great first impression.

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