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2 February 2023

New logo’s for vegetarian and vegan

V-label new logo's

At the start of 2023 V-label announced that the vegetarian and vegan logo will be adapted. Both labels have gotten a modern update and they can now be used internationally. The new logo’s ensure easier differentiation between vegetarian and vegan products, to help clarify things for consumers.

Not only did they change the design, the texts and the size are also different. The old logo had to be a minimum size of 12mm. For the vegetarian logo this now has to be 14mm. The vegan logo is still 12mm for a minimum size.

Luckily we don’t have to change all packaging immediately. V-label will take into account a transition period of 2 years to fully implement the new logo’s.

For new products or changes in existing products with a vegetarian or vegan logo we can now use the new versions.

Please note, as before with previous packaging approvals, the packaging must be approved by the licensor. After approval, the product with V-label can enter the market!

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