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23 February 2023

The barcode as we know it is going to disappear

More than 40 years ago, we had the pleasure to be introduced to the, so called barcode. Since then the barcode has been the worldwide standard for articles sold in store. Nowadays we can’t image our packaging without a barcode.

The use of barcodes on products offers several advantages for the manufacturer, seller and consumer. A barcode makes it possible to collect information about a product quickly and efficiently and ensure accurate and error-free registration of information. Scanning reduces manual data entry and speeds up handling.

And yet the barcode will eventually disappear. The 2D barcode will replace the well-known barcode in 2027. Below are the advantages of the new 2D barcode.

5 advantages of the 2D barcode

More information: 2D barcodes can contain more information because they can store information vertically and horizontally.

Better readability: 2D barcodes are easier to read because they use pattern recognition instead of the traditional barcode. Even if the barcode is damaged, it still works properly.

Tracking capability: With 2D barcodes, companies can better track their products. This can lead to more efficient production processes.

Suitable for mobile devices: 2D barcodes can also be read with mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Convenient for the consumer while shopping.

Marketing tool: You can put a dynamic URL behind it, but also show a product video. And, for example,link language recognition to show the product information for the consumer in their own language.

2027 is still a long way off, but for the brand manufacturers this change is very interesting and of course requires the necessary preparation. As a brand, you can share much more information and thus increase your brand experience.

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