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Volkers, a family business since 1925, has been operating as a design-to-print/publish specialist in the world of packaging, working alongside designers, printers and e-commerce. The predictability of the packaging quality and consistent brand recognisability are key elements of our service package, of which our own studio has been a part since Day 1. Building from this accumulated expertise, we have grown to become a respectable knowledge, chain and collaboration partner for printers, retailers, leading brands and PL manufacturers.

Wrapping stories in success

Our ambition

It’s our ambition to make brands stand out on the physical store shelf and on the digital shop shelf. To achieve our ambition, and to produce pixel-perfect packaging, we act as a proactive partner, forming a bridge between designers and printers. Our aim is to always exceed our clients’ expectations with imaginative packaging and streamlined processes. So, even before we start work on your project, you already can rest assured that everything will simply come together in the end, on time and with the right quality. How do we do it? Find out about our services.

Our people

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The future

As a real and close-knit family business, we like to think in generations: continuity is more important to us than passing fads. In other words, how can what we do today bring value to the world of tomorrow? With that in mind, we have become actively involved in The Hunger Project. And, in addition to this social commitment, we are looking to see how we can improve sustainability through innovation. We can reduce the impact on the environment by introducing more and more automation to packaging processes and by digitising packaging (proofing and packshots) to minimise failure costs in the chain.

We make your packaging story come to life.

The proof is in the package

We help you reinforce your packaging’s brand image. But we can also help you make changes to your packaging still feel familiar. As progress and our position on the cutting edge of developments in our industry demand flexibility and versatility, we work proactively in the intersection of lithography and execution. Together, we tell and connect packaging stories. We do that as a team, with the help of proven technology and pioneering tools and by working together.

Volkers’ foundations: 100 years old

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In 1925, Henk Volkers, the grandfather of current director-owner Rick, set up a factory for printing blocks in Utrecht called Photogravure.


Volkers made the printing block for Jan Campert’s poem De achttien dooden [The eighteen dead]. Jan Campert (1902-1943) wrote the poem De achttien dooden following the execution of 15 Geuzen [resistance fighters named after the ‘Beggars’ who revolted in the Dutch War of Independence] and 3 Februaristakers [workers who took part in the general strike against the Nazi occupation and treatment of the Jews].


Photogravure celebrated its 25th anniversary.


The acquisition of Van Leer, a printing block factory in Amsterdam. Paul, Henk Volkers’ son, was appointed manager of the Photogravure/Van Leer company.


Together with Koningsveld Leiden and Reproductiecompagnie Rotterdam, Paul Volkers built the foundations of what was to become the largest reproduction business in the Netherlands of the seventies: Neroc.


Rick Volkers (Paul Volkers son) left Neroc in 1999 to go his own way; by now, clients included printers, manufacturers and retailers. If you had mastered flexography, you could also deliver quality on more commonly used techniques such as engraving and offset printing.


Photogravure celebrated its 75th anniversary.


Rick Volkers won the title of Graphic-Media Businessman of the Year.


Following Neroc’s independence in 1999, the name Neroc Packaging was replaced by Volkers.


The company was nominated for the Gouden Z for Innovation, the highest award in the Dutch graphic media industry. The FLAG (Fits Like A Glove) was nominated for the best innovation of 2006. The FLAG is a round flexo printing form made of thin polymer that is digitally illuminated.


Winner of the International Grand Prix Cyrel® 2007. Volkers was awarded four prizes at the presentation of the international DuPont Grand Prix Cyrel® 2007. Two prints won prizes in both the categories ‘Continuous Print’ and ‘Conversion Gravure/Offset to Flexo’.


Volkers celebrated its 90th anniversary!


The takeover of Reliëf, a pre-press company in Putten. The Reliëf takeover is entirely in keeping with Volkers’ growth strategy, and means that Volkers can expand its production capacity.


Artwork Connect was launched


The beginning of the collaboration between World of Content and Artwork Connect.


Launch of Volkers new style!

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