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Workflow management

As we have ample knowledge and experience of the world of both printers, brands and retail consultancy, we can support and guide our clients with workflow management. We can do all that because firstly, we have our specialists, and secondly, we can make packaging processes more efficient and more orderly by developing automated solutions. Artwork Connect is a ‘tangible’ example. You can use this tool to manage all your artworks (including different versions), from an easy accessible and central location.

The proof is in the process

Artwork Connect

In today’s product landscape, it is essential to reduce the time to market to a minimum. Nonetheless, a speedy packaging process should obviously never adversely affect brand consistency: the quality, the image and the recognisability of your brand in general, and more specifically, the designs. Artwork Connect gives you control of both the brand consistency and the time to market, with more brand equity as a result. All artworks in a single, orderly tool. Use it to your advantage for:

  • 50% shorter time to market
  • 100% brand consistency
  • 30% fewer mistakes
  • Everything stored safely
  • Work from a single source

The proof is in the package

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Nice and quick

Workflow management

The proof is in the package

Related workflow management cases

In control: brand, packaging, appearance

Workflow management

People and work

Project support

If your packaging process is complicated, or your commission is a substantial one, we can offer you the option of assigning dedicated specialists to your project to ensure that you benefit as much as possible from our expertise and our technical know-how. Our specialists support and coordinate our clients throughout the design-to-print/publish chain of the packaging process. For example, we have:

  • Project managers and project coordinators
  • Packaging specialists
  • IT Consultants
  • Colour specialists

Let’s press on

Assessing printed work

Here at Volkers, we do everything we can to relieve you of your workload, to reduce the risks as much as possible and to get the most from the finished result. To ensure the predictability and reliability of the colour quality, our printing specialists travel around Europe, visiting printers’ production locations. There, they take press samples to check whether the result matches the approved colour proof of the design. They can also gauge and adjust the technical specifications of printing presses, so that the lithographers can, in turn, be 100% certain that they are preparing the right printing plates.

C is for Connection

About us and our packaging

Volkers’ role in the graphic chain is to connect. We aim to operate as a partner right from the start of the design stage. We guide our clients, helping them to keep their grip on their brand identity, completion time and version management. Before production begins on the packaging, Volkers will make suggestions and contribute ideas for optimal alignment, coordinating all the players in the chain, and consequently reducing failure costs and optimising the time to market.

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Our studio is full of designers with a flair for style and graphic technicians with an eye for detail. Together, they make sure your packaging is both creative and accurate when it arrives at the printer’s and then on the shelf.


Do you have a good idea, or do you want to pitch a new product? Impress them with a mockup! It’s the sure-fire way to make a fantastic first impression at a product introduction, for a commercial or for a consumer survey. Never waste the chance of a great first impression.

Flexo Printing Forms

With printing and layout firmly embedded in our DNA, we have been providing printers full-service solutions for lithography and bespoke flexo plates and sleeves production for almost 100 years.

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