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The case

Unmistakably Jumbo always and everywhere

Jumbo is growing. Jumbo’s ambitions are clearly expressed in their more stylish, more extensive private-label range. However, it can be a challenge to keep a grip on the consistency of the brand image and to manage the different versions of the packaging. By making Jumbo’s house brand recognisable, always and everywhere, it’s always familiar to consumers.

The excecution

Data management with Artwork Connect

It’s much easier to manage your packaging if everything’s all in one place – a place where you always have access to your own data: a database like Artwork Connect, where you can save and manage everything yourself. And it’s so quick and easy to use.

The result

More brand consistency across all the different channels

More speed and independence with brand consistency across all the different channels.

” Jumbo-pl can rapidly build up consistent brand experience in a well-structured, scaleable way with artwork connect! “

Wim Junte, Manager Brand

Passion for packaging

Proud of our clients

A crisp solution

Studio Mockups

Total care from design to packshot


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