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The case

The sensation of soft lips – a lip balm for everyone

The Blistex brand aims for ‘the sensation of soft lips’. But not only that, the lip expert has a lip balm for everyone. Articulating precisely that sensation was an important element of the Blistex redesign. The sensation needed to be expressed in the design and to appeal to a large user group.

The execution

A new look – A new face

Blistex was given a new look, a face with a smile. The navigation between the care products (Care) and products that have a restorative effect (Repair) was enhanced. Now that Blistex uses a distinctive face and very visible icons such as SPF, the consumers can immediately see what to expect from Blistex. We lithographed the entire line and produced the packshots according to the GS1 guidelines.

The result

A refreshed productline

A refreshed, new Blistex product line to put a smile on your face. It was immediately ready for the roll-out via all possible sales channels, online and offline.

” Volkers makes suggestions and contributes ideas that are good for our brand. The convenience of having them take care of everything, from design to packshots, speeds things up and guarantees quality. “

Loes Mulder, Marketing Manager

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