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A good first impression


Here at Volkers, we have the expertise to design and produce faithful, top-quality mockups made of film, including metallised film, paper or card. Mockups are also known as dummy packaging, and are often used before the actual packaging is produced and therefore not yet available. It is an extremely good way to make a good first impression:

  • At product introductions
  • At presentations and sales pitches for retailers
  • In consumer surveys
  • At trade fairs
  • And for other commercial operations, such as photo shoots and videos

Top quality and fast delivery time

Magic Mockups

‘You never get a second chance to make a great first impression’. And that is exactly why we make magic mockups. We’ve been making them for decades, and with all the knowledge and experience of production that we have accumulated down the years, you can’t tell our dummy packaging from the real thing. You really can’t! And then we fill them with the product, for the literal and metaphorical finishing touch. And that is how you get a sample of your new foil packaging like the one here in no time at all.

The proof is in the package

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A crisp solution

Studio Mockups

Familiar with dummy packaging

Surprisingly real

Packaging needs to be familiar, but it should also capture the imagination. It needs to be exciting. That takes both imagination and empathy. After all, dummy packages, too, are all about consumer experience and need to tell a story. That’s why we guarantee an optimal balance between the look and the feel of the packaging. “Is that really a mockup? I can hardly tell the difference. I hope they look as good when we’ve finished producing them.”.

Just like the real thing

Mockup options

The options for printed mockups include lamination, gloss and spot gloss, and finishes with special seals, details that make the mockup’s nature and emotive appeal as realistic as possible. We make butter look creamy, fish look fresh and crunchy snacks look crisp. We can do any shape, volume and packaging, from standing pouches, quattro seal bags and shrink sleeves to flowpacks and boxes. Real size or as a blow-up. No challenge is too big.

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Our studio is full of designers with a flair for style and graphic technicians with an eye for detail. Together, they make sure your packaging is both creative and accurate when it arrives at the printer’s and then on the shelf.

Workflow management

As we have ample knowledge and experience of the world of both printers, brands and retail consultancy, we can support and guide our clients with workflow management.

Flexo Printing Forms

With printing and layout firmly embedded in our DNA, we have been providing printers full-service solutions for lithography and bespoke flexo plates and sleeves production for almost 100 years.

Tell your story with Volkers

What's the story of your dummy packaging?