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Group of Butchers


Group of Butchers

The case

Insight into, and an overview of, the packaging

Group of Butchers is the market leader in the top-quality cold-meats segment and one of the fastest expanding food companies in the Netherlands. So, how do you make sure that you can expand your company without any problems and get an insight into, and keep an overview of, your packaging?

The execution

Streamlining the working procedure

Artwork Connect Professional has the solution for the safe and secure storage of all the packaging and labels you use. It starts with saving the artworks, ensuring that you always have the most recent version at your fingertips, and that everyone works from the same source. The different steps are put into the right order with the help of process support, and checks are conducted and approvals are registered.

The result

All artworks safely stored

Artworks Connect saved all the private-label cold meats for retail and food service safely and securely while structuring a short, dynamic chain with the help of a practical tool that provides vibrant visual displays.

” Thanks to artwork connect, we don’t have to deal with 40 emails about one inprint label anymore. “

Frank Derksen, Manager purchase

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