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17 May 2022

Shortage of raw materials requires rapid adjustment of packaging

Shortage of raw materials and significant price increases
The food industry is struggling with scarcity and high prices of raw materials such as coffee, cereals, sugar and vegetable oils. Which makes the production of products with the usual raw materials increasingly complicated and has consequences for price agreements.

Alternative sunflower oil on packaging
Due to the war in the Ukraine, the availability of sunflower oil is expected to decrease sharply. Processors and users of sunflower oil in the food industry are looking for alternatives such as flaxseed, rapeseed or palm oil.

The right alternative is naturally depends on the product in which it is processed.

Change of packaging declaration
If sunflower oil is no longer used in a product, the packaging will have to be adjusted because the ingredients and the nutritional values will be different.

The change can be temporary or for a longer period of time. Volkers can help you quickly and efficiently with adjusting your packaging. For example, by drawing up a label or placing the right information on your packaging.

In view of the situation in Ukraine, we hope that this is only temporary.

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