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18 July 2022

New rules for bread


For the Dutch consumer, it must become clearer what kind of bread is actually on the shelf. The bread shelves will therefore look different in terms of names and labels.

According to the new rules, each loaf of bread must clearly communicate and labeled which type of bread it is. White, brown or wholegrain and, above all, especially what it is made of. The colour of the bread does not determine the type of bread.

As a consequence a dark bread that is made of white flour and coloured as brown bread, must now be labelled white bread.

The new law not only imposes clear standards on the indication of the type of bread but also on the naming of bread. Only if grains are sufficiently present in the bread, it may also be mentioned in the name. Also, there is an extension of the well-known whole or half loaf. The more luxurious and smaller loafs are now called mid-sized or medium large sized.

Change of name and packaging declaration

With these kind of mandatory changes, you must be able to make these label changes quickly and efficiently.

Looking for the latest artwork, time pressure and switching between different stakeholders. The chance of errors in the process is therefore all the greater. How do you stay in control, save time and avoid complexity and higher costs?

Artwork Connect is the connecting factor that streamlines the packaging process – from the initial design to online publication and final production.

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