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10 December 2021

This christmas has a golden glow – Jumbo

Whatever this coming festive season has in store for us, Jumbo has the golden touch this Christmas, bringing a golden glow to our homes. While many things are off limits right now, there is one thing we can do, and that’s to have a wonderful time and create some golden memories. Many consumers are following tradition and going for classic dishes for their Christmas dinner. However, Jumbo has reworked those dishes for twenty-first-century cuisine. In fact, they’ve added lots more special Christmas products  to their supermarket shelves; the key ingredient here is convenience. For example, there is bold-flavoured fresh lobster soup, a delicious entrecôte roast with cranberries, creamy potatoes with truffles au gratin and an ice-cream cake with a soft layer of meringue. All the dishes are of restaurant quality, but their prices are very budget-friendly.

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