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Volkers Connect

In control of the packaging process with Volkers Connect – the base of the Print & Packaging workflow


Print & Packaging workflow

You want to but one thing! Your product development and artwork processes have to be more efficient,  so that your products are on the shelves even faster, in order to grow in share and turnover. We put high-quality it-solutions in as the basis of our services, which results in more speed and efficiency. As our online Print & Packaging workflow in which purchase, quality, category management, designburo’s, printer and other stakeholders are connected with eachother in the packaging process. This leads to:

  • Grip
  • Shorten time-to-market
  • Overview and insight in number, gradient and load of projects
  • Reducing number of correction rounds in the artwork process
  • Consistent quality
  • Partnership!
  • Cost savings

Volkers Connect – Management of digital packaging data

Volkers Connect, the base of the Print & Packaging Workflow, is an online interactive database for the management of all your packaging data. It contains all the content associated with a brand. The database also stores product information, product codes and press specifications in addition to the latest version of the artwork. Changes to artwork can be processed on a continuous basis.

Also a link is possible to the online webshop for image use, trade marketing, customer care and quality service. We make sure that your system is fast and reliable!

Keep track and stay in control of the packaging process with Volkers Connect. Call us for an inventory of your process!

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