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Henk Volkers, the grandfather of the present owner-managing director Rick Volkers, starts a litho-printing block manufacturing business in Utrecht under the name of Photogravure.


 Volkers creates the printing block for the poem ‘The Eighteen Dead’ by Jan Campert.

De Achttien Dooden (‘The Eighteen Dead’) is a poem by Jan Campert (1902-1943) written after the execution of fifteen patriots (resistance fighters in the Second World War) and three workers in the February Strikes, which took place on 13 March 1941 at Waalsdorpervlakte.‘The Eighteen Dead’ was first published in the underground newspaper ‘Vrij Nederland’.It was subsequently published as a poetic print by the Utrecht student Geert Lubberhuizen in March or April 1943, with an illustration by Fedde Weidema under the pseudonym Coen van Hart, and widely distributed and sold. It is estimated that about 15,000 copies were sold for five guilders each.The printing block for this poetic print was made by Volkers.The money generated by the print was needed to help Jewish children to go into hiding via the Children’s Committee in Utrecht, in which Lubberhuizen and some fellow students had become involved..


Photogravure celebrates 25 years.


Takeover of the Amsterdam lithographic works Van Leer.Paul, son of Henk Volkers, takes over as managing director of the Photogravure / Van Leer company.


With Koningsveld of Leiden and the Reproductie Compagnie in Rotterdam, Paul Volkers creates the basis of what would become the largest reprographic production company in the Netherlands in the 1970s: Neroc.


The son of Paul Volkers, Rick, demerges from Neroc and continues in business on his own.By now he counts printers, producers and retailers among his customers.Anyone who is a master of flexographic printing is also able to deliver quality in more standard technologies such as gravure and offset printing.And that is precisely what the present Volkers company (formerly Neroc Packaging) started to do.


Photogravure celebrates 75 years.


Rick Volkers becomes the Grafimedia entrepreneur of the year.


Following the demerger in 1999, the name Neroc Packaging is replaced with that of Volkers.


Nominated for the Golden Z for Innovation.

The highest award in the Dutch graphic media sector was received by Volkers in 2006. The FLAG (Fits Like A Glove) is nominated as the best innovation of that year. This is a thin polymer rotational flexographic printing form which is digitally exposed.This innovation resulted in a price breakthrough for the flexographic industry, making printing with thin sleeves on a large scale very interesting from a cost-efficiency viewpoint.Volkers has further developed the FLAG thin sleeve and tested it with its partners in the graphic industry.It turned out that FLAG further enhances the quality of flexographic print for packaging.


Winner of the International Grand Prix Cyrel® 2007. Volkers receives four awards at the prize ceremony of the international DuPont Grand Prix Cyrel® 2007. Two printing projects receive awards in both the ‘Continuous Print’ and the ‘Conversion Gravure/Offset to Flexo’ categories. These were printed by AEP Flexible Packaging and Velsen Flexoplast among others.


Volkers exists 90 years!


Acquisition of Reliëf, a prepress company in Putten. The acquisition of Relief fits in the growth strategy of Volkers and extends Volkers’ production possibilities. For more than 20 years, Reliëf has been a leading company in the field of lithography for the packaging industry. It has quality, speed and involvement high in priority.