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Mockups, Event packaging and 3D

Magic Mockups… seduce and convince

For product launches, sales pitches to retailers or customers, campaign packaging, commercials or consumer research, a positive first impression is essential! We supply quality packaging in small or large batches both quickly and reliably, whether filled with the original product or not. Everything is possible! Interested?

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Event Packaging or personalised packaging

Volkers can provide you with limited editions of your product with a unique temporary packaging design for a trade fair or other event. To add a personal touch to your products for business relations, Volkers can easily personalise wine and other labels and packaging.

3D animation of your packaging design

Volkers makes 3D animationsof your packaging design, so you can see the end result even for only one packaging was printed. You can see the digital packaging on the screen and you can rotate and zoom in, in order to assess whether the surface and the texts are correct also compared to the fold and seal seams. 3D saves you time and prevents errors in the printing process.

  • Lonka

    ‘The mock-ups have been well received and look beautiful, thank you!’

  • Haribo

    ‘Successful launch thanks to the mock-ups from Volkers!’

  • De Ster

    ‘It really looks superb, you have done a wonderful job! It’s unbelievable what you have been able to do in such a short time.’

  • Jumbo

    ‘Have just received the mock-ups! They look awesome! Thank you very much!’

  • Pepsico

    `Volkers heeft van onze nieuwe smaken Crunchy Biscuit en Crispy Thins hele mooie mock-ups gemaakt. Niet van echt te onderscheiden en daarom schitteren ze in onze nieuwste TV commercial.` Video