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Colour and image processing

Once the artwork for a package has been approved, Volkers starts work on the specifications of the printing press and the available colours. We edit the images for contrast, colour, resolution and brightness in order to achieve the best possible printing outcome. Finally, the image and the artwork are combined and optimised with the colours at our disposal.

Consistent brand image

Volkers has the in-house expertise to take care of the prepress work for flexographic printing as well as offset and gravure printing. That is why we are always able to achieve a consistent brand image, whichever press is used. There are no late surprises with our method, rather this is a controlled process. This delivers packaging of optimum printing quality with the correct colour intensity and tonal balance to you as the customer. After all, packaging has to jump off the shelves!

Inspection during printing

Volkers always supplies a colour reference proof sheet for the printer to check the packaging prints during the printing. This proof is binding as regards content, layout and colour. If need be we will stand by the printing press ourselves!