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Flexographic plates and sleeves

Option of polymer plate or FLAG sleeve_FGW8802_LR (Medium)

This option depends on the printing press. There is not one single best printing method or litho plate/tape combination. The printer uses a printing method and assembly tape based on the quality required by the client. The ink, the raster roller and the printing press also determine the final selection. Subject to the client’s wishes and needs, Volkers can supply FLAG sleeves or digitally exposed polymer printing plates. This is a low-carbon impact production process which makes real Computer-to-Plate workable for flexo.


It is essential for the quality of our work to have a proper understanding of the packaging process. That is why Volkers runs workshops for marketers, buyers and quality managers at manufacturers and retailers, so they can become familiar with the entire packaging process, data storage techniques, image carrier production and other technical matters. Experience has taught us that everybody leaves with the feeling that they know the world of digital packaging a lot better. Sharing knowledge simply makes things better for everyone.


Secondment is the most intensive way of working with our clients. With secondment a qualified Volkers employee works for a set period at the client company. Secondment improves the workflow in every possible area. Practice tells us that secondment is a valuable investment which quickly pays off for all the parties concerned.