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10 November 2021

Flexo awards 2021

The celebrations for EFTA-Benelux’s fortieth anniversary coincided with the fourth edition of the EFTA-Benelux Flexo Awards. Our association first held a flexo competition in the nineties; back then, the winning submissions were announced and exhibited in Utrecht, at the Macropak trade fair. However, the partnership with Jaarbeurs – Utrecht’s trade fair venue – has ended, and that meant the end of the competition too. Nonetheless, every self-respecting industry needs ‘reference points’ and many companies and organisations would love to see a competition overseen by an unbiased jury. Such an event would not only serve as an instrument to boost the individual members’ prestige, but it would also be a recognition of the industry’s professionalism and a benchmark to show how the quality improves. And remember, it is also a great way for the entire industry to present our excellent products to ‘the market’. Below is the jury’s report on the 2021 edition.

‘The jury of the EFTA-Benelux Flexo Awards has had the difficult but honourable task of judging the submissions, which amount to more than 140. It may sound like a platitude, but the quality of the samples of the printed work was truly very, very good. The end of Flexo’s development is not yet in sight!’ This is what EFTA-Benelux Chairman Roel Seele was told on the jury day at the secretariat in The Hague.

The samples of printed work that the members of the jury were shown were coded so that the judges could not identify the maker of the press proof. If any member of the jury had been involved with a specific press proof in a professional way, that member withdrew from the judging of that proof. The jury’s independence is of utmost importance if the EFTA-Benelux Flexo Awards are to be taken seriously. For that matter, the professional knowledge and skill needed to judge the work properly were guaranteed by the composition of the jury. Chairman of the jury, Jan Duffhues (formerly of Mars), had the help of Lotte Krekels (Packaging Manager at Carrefour Belgium), Sandra Schorn (Print Development Specialist at Friesland Campina), Rick Volkers (Volkers B.V.’s director) and Patrick de Grande (owner of Quatre Mains).

‘I am very pleased with how the jury was put together,’ Seele explains, ‘as it is a good mix of men and women, with representatives from all over the Benelux region.’

From left to right: Jan Duffhues, Sandra Schorn, Rick Volkers,
Patrick de Grande, Lotte Krekels.

Source: EFTA-Benelux: 40 years of flexo printing

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