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Towards sustainable packaging





The case

Great colours with a paper packaging

The global market leader in flower food, Chrysal is an important driver for innovation. Chrysal is dedicated to continuously improving the quality and sustainability of the chain. Accordingly, a paper sachet has been developed and added to the range. This means that the sachet can be put as waste paper for recycling. Many countries already have their own recycling programme for this.

The excecution

Increase the predictability

Predictability has a large part in the introduction of a new material: what will it look like as printed matter? We focused our care and attention on this issue during the lithographic stage. To get the best results, Volkers made the flexo printing sleeves. We also made the packshots, which flourish online.

The result

Fabulous new packaging

Lovely new packaging, new sustainable sachets containing food to keep flowers fresh and radiant.

” There’s a lot to do and consider when you introduce new packaging. It’s nice to be able to work with a specialist with an eye for the best possible result and who takes the work off your hands “

Renata Herdink, Global Product Manager

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A crisp solution

Studio Mockups

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